Current Personal Associations of Continental Theorists to Pop Culture products

In no particular order:
Zizek – “Kaiser Soze! Kaiser Soze!” hospital scene, of The Usual Suspects
Hegel – Deli scene, When Harry Met Sally
Lacan – “Savoir-Faire is everywhere!”, Klondike Kat
Nietzsche – “Miss You”, The Rolling Stones
Foucault – “Yoplait: It is so good!” adline
Freud – “Flagpole Sitta”, Harvey Danger

Audio: “Underground America: Comic Books in Our Classrooms and Our Culture”

Audio: “Underground America: Comic Books in Our Classrooms and Our Culture”

This is lecture I gave at Montgomery College in Spring 2011.  I grew up on comic books–I credit them as a major reason that I’m a lit and comp professor today–and I think that they can hold a valuable place in a curriculum that values multimedia learning.

I could really let my fanboy flag fly at this point, but this is a professional blog, so I’ll refrain.  I hope you know what a favor that is.

Please note that the quality of the audio is, well, meh.  In fact, this is probably going to be true for most of the audio files I publish here, as I don’t really have the time or budget for digital processing.  If you bear with me, though, you might hear something you like… and that you can actually hear clearly.