Cross-Promotion: Rogue’s Gallery pilot!

Rogues Gallery ep 1 - FB icon - tricked outSo,  probably as a result of all the academic work I’m doing in comics and narrative and media, I’ve developed a first episode for what might just be a series of scripts, but might also become anything from a radio play to a YouTube series (a boy can always dream)!  The source material isn’t strictly out of copyright, so all due recognition to DC Comics and Columbia Pictures.

Take a look at the script and feel free to leave comments right in the doc (ctrl+m):

Or, leave a comment on the project’s Facebook page:
Thanks readers!

Random Theory

Revising Wimsatt and Beardsley’s ‘The Intentional Fallacy’:

But the text itself remains to be dealt with, the [never completely, never entirely correctly] analyzable vehicle of a [contextually inextricable] complicated metaphor [for an ever-changing referent].
-pg. 12