Random Theory… and maybe-not-so-regular programming

UPDATE: Turns out I’m nowhere near the first person to have this idea:

Mufasa = Darth Vader as a positive father figure = If King Hamlet had lived, he’d have gone bad (W00t!)


Image courtesy thegranthc (YouTube). Because Freudian mash-ups are always fun!

In other news, another review is coming soon.  I promise!  In the meantime, check out The Artifice, a new-ish online communications journal that’s amassed a ton of compelling stuff.  I’ve already read articles about Nickelodeon’s new retro programming block, Superman as a Christ figure (a claim I’ve always been skeptical of, but which is well-presented in the linked article), and the enduring awesomeness of text adventure videogames.  I’ve got another waiting on the persistence of Lovecraft in pop media!  Woo!


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