So, I’ve been posting other academic work to and LinkedIn, and I thought it would be smart to provide my readers here with links to that info.  You’ll find other work I’ve done with film, genre studies, and communications theories.

On LinkedIn, you can find me at ProfAnderson79.

On, I’m just listed according to my name, Joe Anderson.

Got a position at your institution for a critical theorist focusing on the intersection of communications theory, discursive identity development, and emergent technologies?  Give me a buzz!


Random Theory… and maybe-not-so-regular programming

UPDATE: Turns out I’m nowhere near the first person to have this idea:

Mufasa = Darth Vader as a positive father figure = If King Hamlet had lived, he’d have gone bad (W00t!)


Image courtesy thegranthc (YouTube). Because Freudian mash-ups are always fun!

In other news, another review is coming soon.  I promise!  In the meantime, check out The Artifice, a new-ish online communications journal that’s amassed a ton of compelling stuff.  I’ve already read articles about Nickelodeon’s new retro programming block, Superman as a Christ figure (a claim I’ve always been skeptical of, but which is well-presented in the linked article), and the enduring awesomeness of text adventure videogames.  I’ve got another waiting on the persistence of Lovecraft in pop media!  Woo!